Fitness Gym Rates

Individual Regular Membership Rates

Pre-paid membership rates:

  • One month$40.00/member
  • Three months$90.00/member
  • Six months$172.00/member
  • One Year$320.00/member

Family Membership Rates

Pre-paid membership rates for 2 people immediate family:

  • One month$75.00/member
  • Three months$171.00/member
  • Six months$330.00/member
  • One Year$620.00/member

Pre-paid membership rates for 3 people immediate family:

  • One month$100.00/member
  • Three months$252.00/member
  • Six months$330.00/member
  • One Year$900.00/member

Pre-paid membership rates for 4 people immediate family:

  • One month$128.00/member
  • Three months$330.00/member
  • Six months$620.00/member
  • One Year$1161.00/member

One Day Gym Pass = $7.00 per person
One Week Gym Pass = $15.00 per person

Senior Citizen Discount = 5%. Must be 65 years old or older.

Applies to all individual and household rates above, except for "special" rates.

Membership rates include use of the fitness center. Group exercise classes (aerobics, yoga, functional intervals, step, kick, stability ball, etc.) are subject to additional feesĀ· set by the facility.