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"At 60 years old, I'm no spring chicken. But I like doing stuff outdoors and being active. My doctor is great, but I've caused a variety of physical problems for myself by over doing it. I'm your typical week-end warrior fool splitting wood, hiking, and picking up piles in the garden. Seems like I run into issues tow or three times a year. The answer is Foothills Physical Therapy. Tom and his team of Ashton, Corey, and a rotating set of interns, have repeatedly helped me resolve my back, hand, arm, and neck issues. They are outstanding. The whole organization provides fantastic service including the front desk associates who accommodate timely scheduling and keep you on the up and up with your insurance provider. All with a smile. Aging can be limiting. But Foothills has relieved that awful feeling of helplessness you can get when faced with pain, and physical restraints. Do not hesitate to give them a try. You won't regret it."
Oct 20, 2019
"Tom is helping me with the soreness n back n hips..after a few wks I am feeling better,,got a real good work out today,,doing better with me balance on the treadmill..thank you Tom & Staff,,great place to go when your in pain."
Aug 13, 2019
May 29, 2018
"My doctor referred me to Foothills Physical Therapy for shoulder pain and lack of mobility. The pain in my shoulder was constant and often kept me awake at night. I could not lift my arm to shoulder height. My therapist assessed my shoulder, explained the injury, a combination of arthritis and muscle deterioration and started me on an exercise program to strengthen the muscles holding my shoulder in place. After a few weeks, my range of motion increased and the pain was mostly eliminated. By the end of therapy, I now have almost full range of motion and the pain is limited to those times that I overuse the shoulder and it quickly goes away. Thank you Foothills Physical Therapy for your excellent treatment. I also want to thank the staff who were very helpful and accommodating in getting me set up with appointments and adjusting them to meet my schedule. The facility is bright and clean with all the equipment any one could wish to use. I look forward to joining the gym and using the facility in the future. "
May 03, 2018
"I pulled my back out at work. I was darn near crippled with lower back pain as far as any mobility. After 2 weeks I was able to move around but not easily and felt weak and vulnerable to further injury at work and also in regular activities. I was sent to physical therapy. I was lucky enough to be sent to Foothills in Cornish. From the start I started to feel stronger and more confident. The therapist was empathetic to how I felt and listened to all my concerns and worry. The most important thing was a professional understanding about what to do about it. The stretching and exercises were very specifically targeted to help the areas in which I felt pain. As the therapy continued, the empathy and targeted physical instructions showed very quick and strong improvements. I had some continued pain on occasion and my therapist was with me in sincerity through these times and applied an expertise in understanding the nature of my injury. Basically installing accurate and healing stretching and exercises that very instrumental in recovering from this injury. The office staff were extremely friendly and accommodating to me. I am extremely grateful to the entire staff of Foothill therapy. They gave me hope and actual remedies to my lower back injury. I know what I have to do to stay healthy. Thank you Foothill for showing me how to cure myself."
May 03, 2018