August 2018 Newsletter

Men helping another man over a wall

3 Insanely Tough Fitness Challenges

In general, improving your fitness is a solitary pursuit. You may have a group of gym regulars you see frequently, but it’s rare for you to all be doing the same exercises at the same time. While this personal journey has its own rewards, sometimes you want to test yourself against others. Many people enter a 5K or other race to see how far they’ve come, but the most exercise-obsessed among us may want to ... CONTINUE READING

Two men fencing

Want to Improve Brain Health? Grab a Sword!

Did you know fencing is making a comeback? No longer just for heartsick gentlemen of the Regency era, fencing is increasingly being taught in public schools, displayed in the pages of popular indie comics, and practiced among seniors. Plenty of baby boomers are picking up swords, or “sabers” — and it’s not because they’re preparing to fight dragons. Exercise is important no matter ... CONTINUE READING

Man and woman working out

Metabolic Fitness Training

Not everyone can spend hours at the gym each week. If you struggle to fit workouts into your busy schedule, metabolic resistance training (MRT) might be the perfect solution. This high-intensity circuit technique keeps your heart rate elevated while you bust out more reps in a shorter period of time. You may find that you need to reduce the ... CONTINUE READING

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